My Nourishing Noshes

Now, for the ultimate question, “What do I eat?”. I adore this question after I tell people that I am vegan. Apparently vegan is synonemous with lettuce and tofu because that is all people seem to think I consume. Hardly. So I’ve compiled a list of foods that I enjoy.

  • Whole grains (tortillas, ww bread, brown rice, etc.)
  • Most veggies (all except IBS triggers: broc, califlower, bell peppers, spinach)
  • Most fruits (all except IBS and GERD triggers: citrus fruits)
  • Hummus
  • Sweet potatoes!
  • Boca burgers (original vegan)
  • Tofu
  • Egg Whites (yes, its not “vegan” but it doesn’t hurt my tum so it’s a go for me!)
  • Greek Yogurt (see above note 😉 )
  • Popcorn
  • Amy’s vegan soups
  • Various faux meat products (I’m VERY picky about these and don’t usually eat a lot of them)

That is the basic list of foods that I consume on a day to day basis. I am currently trying to broaden my food consumption but as an IBS and GERD sufferer it takes a lot of time and patience to introduce new foods into your diet. I am in a constant state of “caution” mode when trying new foods for I never know if they might be a potential “trigger”.

If you can recommend any foods/treats that you think I might enjoy please don’t hesitate to leave your recommendations! I’m always looking for new things that I can encorporate into my diet that won’t hurt my stomach!


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