No internet?!

21 Jul

So, I’ve officially realize that I’m addicted to the internet.

Last Friday a drunk driver ran into our neighborhood’s internet cable pole thingy and as a result we were left without the internet for 6 DAYS. The good news: the drunk driver is okay; the bad news: the jerk made me realize that I need to find a hobby. No joke. I didn’t know what to do with myself. 2 days of movie marathons and 5 batches of protein ice cream later, I realized that I was quite disgusted with myself. How could I literally sit inside and do nothing with myself while mopping (moping?) about not having the internet?! I was determined to find other things to do OUTSIDE that did not involve TV or consuming ungodly amounts of protein ice cream.

Here are a few things that I have occupied myself with over the past few days:

*(please excuse the “borrowed” pictures, i’ve seemed to have lost my camera cord)

I washed my car! (source)

Meet Buddy. My car is my baby. I saved up for years for him and I’ve loved him ever since I took him for his first test drive. If you’re looking for a cute, compact yet just-big-enough, and reliable small SUV I strongly recommend a Jeep!

Washed my boys! (source) (source)

Koda! He is a Goldendoodle and the most adorable little guy ever.

Storm! He is a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog and the most stubborn dog I have ever had! But still cute 😉

Bought two new books! (source)

Madelein Wickham also goes by the name of Sohpie Kinsella and is the author of one of my all-time favorite series: Shopoholic. If you’re in the mood for a light summer read that is full of wit, humor, and just fantastic go get the books now! The movie did not do it justice at all.

Read the back, looked cute.

Tried a couple new gym classes!

1. Circuit Training: a mixture of weight training. Arms, legs, abs, and bootay. I think my butt is going to fall off…in a good way.

2. Interval Training: mixture of cardio and weights. Kept my heart pumping the entire time!

Im always nervous when I try new classes because most aren’t intense enough for me. and there’s nothing worse than feeling like you wasted an hour of what could have been a good workout on what turned out to be incredibly pointless. Luckily these classes are run by a younger guy who pushed us to our limits and maybe a little beyond. Loved them!

Went on a beach trip with my girls!

So perfect. The day was spent shopping, eating, and laying in the sun while enjoying my new books. Bliss.

I discovered something amazing: I was incredibly more satisfied when my days were over. I had spent time outside, with friends, with pets, and away form the TV and internet. It was incredibly invigorating. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still managed to find my way to the television in time to watch the Bachelorette (Frank-retard; Ali-get over it), but I spent my time doing other things that made me feel more fulfilled. It made me realize just how much I (as well as the rest of the world…or maybe just America?) is consumed with the TV, internet, video games, etc. We’ve lost sight of whats really important- being outside, spending time with friends and family, playing board games. It makes me sad and a little frustrated that as a society we have lost touch with the simple things in life. I’m not saying that there is no place for the internet or TV but I think they should be used in moderation. Just my two cents.

Other than that, I’m still trying to clean up my eats and find some good cardio! TurboFire still hasn’t come and I’m just dying to try it out already! Maybe tomorrow?!

Hope everyone is having a happy humpday!

Are you addicted to the internet, tv, etc? Um, yes, as I recently found out.

What are some pleasurable activities you like to do?


One Response to “No internet?!”

  1. lisaou11 July 22, 2010 at 2:26 pm #

    I love your dog Storm. I think Swiss Mountain Dogs are gorgeous–plus I looove big dogs.

    and yes, sadly Im addicted to the internet. with blogging, its hard not to be!

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